Subterranean Termites

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Termites cause over $2 billion in damages each year. Subterranean termites cause 95% of all termite damage in North America.

                                                             Some signs of termites

Unless there are signs of active termite infestation, you probably won’t detect termites because they forage and hang out hidden from view. The most common way of detecting termites include discarded wings. Not so obvious signs include wood that sounds hollow when tapped, cracked or bubbling paint and termite droppings that look like sawdust (frass). You may also see mud tubes that look like the image pictured above.


They feed on cellulose-based material like wood, books, boxes, furniture and drywall coverings. Termites are constantly foraging and have been found over 150 feet from a colony.


Termite colonies work 24 hours a day, and signs of termite infestations can go undiscovered until serious damage is done. Because homeowners insurance typically does not cover termite damage, termite detection and continued termite treatment are the best ways to help protect your property.

What Can You Do to Help Protect Your Home?
Small steps make a big difference. Start by eliminating food and moisture conditions around your home. These simple steps will deter termites, making your home a less attractive target.


Repair leaking faucets, water pipes, and a/c units

  • Divert water from foundation

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  • Keep gutters and down-spouts clean

  • Ventilate crawl spaces
  • Remove excessive plant cover and wood mulch

  • Get rid of standing water on roof

  • Keep all vents clear and open

  • Seal entry points around water and utility lines or pipes