We are professionals when it comes to identifying the problem, removing the bees and removing bee hives. Bee Control is what we do. With rising concerns of the Africanized bee (killer bee) more people are now looking to control their bee problems rather than avoid them. Unlike other conventional pest control companies who only kill the bees but don't fully solve the problem, we find the hive, remove the bees, remove the hive and prevent future infestations of the area. That is true bee control! Our Bee Control technicians are fully trained and are professionals when it comes to dealing with bees. Please do not attempt to remove bees or bee hives without the proper equipment and experience. Give us a call.

There are three major steps to follow in completely removing bees. If a company does not offer one of these three then they are risking damage to your home as well as harm to you. First we locate the bees and eliminate them. Once eliminated, we remove the dead bees, honey, and honey comb or hive. Next, cleaning and proofing the area of bees is important to prevent future infestations of either bees or other pests attracted to the honey. Our goal for our bee removal service is to make sure you don't have the same problem again. If you have been calling a company repeatedly for the same problem it is time to call us to get rid your bee problem once and for all.


European bees for the most part are not a threat unless aggravated. Aggravation will occur if they feel their hive is in danger. Swatting at flying bees is not recommended since all you will accomplish is to aggravate them. Unlike the European honey bee, the Africanized bee does not need an excuse to attack. They protect their hive and queen at a larger radius. Again unlike the European honey bee, the Africanized bee may pursue intruders for up to a mile and remain aggravated for up to 24 hours


The most common stinging bee in California is the honey bee, introduced into this country from Europe in the 17th century. Its stinger, which resembles a hypodermic needle with barbs, is used to inject a mixture of alkali venom and acid into the skin. The alkali venom contains several kinds of proteins and enzymes which are believed to cause allergic reactions of varying degrees in humans. Sting reactions, which may increase with succeeding stings, include:

  • A choking sensation or difficulty in breathing.

  • A skin rash similar to hives (human hives, not bee hives).

  • A dry cough, sneezing or asthma.

  • Lips turning blue.

  • A rapid pulse and a drop in blood pressure.

More severe reactions may include cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, shock or loss of consciousness. Symptoms usually appear within a few minutes after a sting, but could be delayed up to 24 hours. Stings near the eyes, nose and throat are the most dangerous. For severe reactions, medical assistance should be sought immediately.


When stung by a bee, the stinger should be removed as quickly as possible, but removing it improperly will make the sting worse, The proper way is to scrape the stinger out with a clean fingernail or knife. Pulling or squeezing the stinger will only pump more venom into the wound, as the bee parts containing the venom are left attached to the stinger after the bee tears itself free.

The sting area should be cleaned with soap and water, or with an antiseptic. For people known to have severe reactions who are stung on the arms or legs, a tourniquet may be applied between the wound and the heart to prevent the rapid spread of venom. The tourniquet should be released every three to five minutes until medical help is available.


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