Your lender may require a pest inspection to make sure your new home is free of termites and other wood destroying insects. If the pest report mentionsactive or previous infestation the lender willusually want treatment and or repairs done to the property before you can obtain the lone.If infestation is severe the lender may want you to obtain a structural engineers report for the soundness of the structure. Fact is, neither of those inspections takes the place of a home inspection that examines the condition of the house and its components

First, your offer to purchase should have included a detailed statement regarding your rights to a home inspection. The standard contract used by real estate agents may give you the right to back out of a contract if a home inspection uncovers more problems than you are willing to deal with. If it does not, the wording should be added in the form of a contingency.

Don't assume the seller will make every repair you ask for. They may refuse to make any repairs at all. Read your contract carefully before signing it so that you understand the rights and obligations of all parties. Never rely on a verbal agreement--agreements must be in writing to be valid

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