Your  lender may require a pest inspection to make sure your new home is free of termites and other wood destroying insects. If the pest report mentions active or previous infestation the lender will usually want treatment and or repairs done to the property before you can obtain the lone. If infestation is severe the lender may want you to obtain a structural engineers report for the soundness of the structure. Fact is, neither of those inspections takes the place of a home inspection that examines the condition of the house and its components

First, your offer to purchase should have included a detailed statement regarding your rights to a home inspection. The standard contract used by real estate agents may give you the right to back out of a contract if a home inspection uncovers more problems than you are willing to deal with. If it does not, the wording should be added in the form of a contingency.

Don't assume the seller will make every repair you ask for. They may refuse to make any repairs at all. Read your contract carefully before signing it so that you understand the rights and obligations of all parties. Never rely on a verbal agreement--agreements must be in writing to be valid

What is a WDI? 

A W.D.I. is a wood destroying insect inspection. Commonly known as a termite report. There are two types of homes, buildings and structures in Texas. Those buildings that have termites and carpenter ants and those that are going to have them.

Subterannian TermitesWith out the proper inspection and control methods used, your home or building may become breakfast lunch and dinner to a host of insects and pests. We have more certifications than any Pest Control Company In the Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington Metroplex.

Not only are we looking for termites and carpenter ants, but, we are looking for a whole host of conducive conditions as well. These are things that make your home favorable for having an infestation.

We use state of the art technology and only the right product for the job. Almost all the products are earth and people friendly. This takes the worry out of being around some of the nasty treatment products out there.

Offering you knowledge and service as well as the latest technology and certifications far exceeding any pest control company.  Offering Services  to home owners, home buyers, business owners and city, state and government buildings and facilities. Large Government contracts are no problem as well. There are two types of homes and businesses throughout the South, those that have termites, carpenter ants and pests and those that will have unless a treatment and or preventive treatment program is in affect. The best part of this, is for your convenience, you only have to make one call to schedule both inspections and their report is given to you before I leave the inspection.

The fear of the unknown concerns with the property and the cost associated with the same are the future home owners' greatest concern. That is why our ultimate goal for our clients is to uncover the unknown, remove the fear of the associated costs and make the purchase of your new home a relaxing, satisfying and rewarding experience. Not sell you on everything else to get the Home Inspection. We are there to remove some of the financial risk in the home buying process

Do you need a W.D.I. my answer is "absolutely".

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The cities and towns  listed below are areas where we offer Termite inspections. These cities are not the limit to our reach. We offer home inspections of Dalls, Tarrant, Parker, Denton, Collin, Johnson, Denton, Ellis and Wise Counties.
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