Bare Ground Treatments

This type of treatment is used to totally eliminate vegetation in a given area where no vegetative growth is desired.
A bare ground, or bareground treatment is commonly used in industrial sites, and in hardscapes like parking lots and roadways, to totally eliminate vegetation. Vegetation can destroy roadways and parking lots if not controlled, and is difficult to control by mechanical means such as spin trimmers. You might be surprised just how much damage can be done by encroaching grasses and weeds, or just what all will grow in a driveway, parking lot, or industrial site in East Texas! There is also the problem of dents and dings when mowing and trimming adjacent to automobiles in parking areas, and to equipment in industrial sites.
Pole yards and tank farms are other places where this type of treatment works well. It is difficult to move mowing equipment around in most of these places, and spin trimming can be a nasty and time consuming business. Proper use of chemical control is the best option.
Many of the chemicals which perform best in these circumstances, are "restricted use" chemicals in the state of Texas, requiring the applicator to be licensed by the state.

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