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Aquatic Weed Management                             aqua

Either full pond or lake treatments or around the edges. We have provided aquatic weed control for years! Licensed aquatic vegetation management for your pond or lake.

Hydrilla is a serious threat, as well as water hyacinth, and one of the biggest threats is giant salvinia


Algae & Mosquito Control:

Ugly, unsightly filamentous algae and pond scum can ruin your view, and your fishing! It also becomes mosquito heaven. Controlling the algae, and bringing the lake or pond back into balance, will allow natural predators to take care of the problem.

There is really no way, or reason to attempt to get rid of the mosquitoes until the cover is gone. When the cover is gone, the fish, frogs, and other insect eaters will be able to find the larvae, and the mosquitoes, and eat them. The problem will go away on it's own.


The mosquito has several needs. The female needs blood before producing eggs. So, they will seek areas with available animal life. They need a wet place to lay their eggs where they and their eggs and larvae will be protected


The very best method for controlling lake and pond weeds, especially those of non native origin such as Hydrilla, Water Hyacinth, Giant Salvinia, and many others, is to prevent them from getting a start in your pond or lake. This is the very best method for controlling any situation. If you can prevent it, you won't have to control it or manage it in other ways. It just makes sense.

The Right Call has over 15 years of experience in the management and removal of noxious, exotic, and invasive species..







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