What to do if you have bats living in your home, business, or attic?


Bats eat millions of tons of insects each night across the United States, they are extremely important for the overall well-being of the ecosystem. Unfortunately, much prime bat habitat is destroyed each year, resulting in bats losing their lives or bats moving into people's houses. One thing we can do to prevent bats from moving into people�s houses is to put up a bat house (remember that one bat eats 600 to 1,000 mosquito-sized insects each HOUR). Bat houses may prevent bats from taking up occupancy in human dwellings. Health officials, when properly informed, love the use of bat houses for this very reason.

If you have bats livings in an unwanted place please follow the directions below to remove them. Also please note that if you had a bat flying around in your house and you have children, unvaccinated pets, or were sleeping the bat NEEDS to be tested for rabies by your local health department. Very few bats have rabies, but you need to take precautions with any wild animal.


A humane approach to excluding bats from your attic MexicanFree-tailedBat

Bats are one of the most beneficial mammals in the world. There are over 950 kinds of bats, and one common North American species, the big brown bat, may eat up to 6,000 insects during one summer night. Only one half of one percent of all bats get rabies, and only a few of species in Central America drink blood.

Nevertheless, many people are uncomfortable with bats, and do not want to share their attic with a colony of bats. Bats are probably just as uncomfortable sharing a house with people, and only resort to living in an attic when natural roosts like dead trees or caves are no longer available. If you don't want bats living in your attic, no problem, Make the Right Call, and we�ll bat proof you home, or business..

There are proven ways to safely remove a colony from your house. Timing is crucial to enact a safe bat exclusion. Never do an exclusion during June, July, or August, when the colony is likely to consist of many young that can not fly. There are seasons to do an exclusion; in the spring after insects have appeared or in the fall after the babies have learned to fly.



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